Daniel Norber is a first-generation American and self-made business owner who has lived the American Dream. His grandparents survived the Holocaust, and his mother escaped Communism in the Soviet Union. Daniel's parents raised Daniel to truly understand service, sacrifice, and the importance of freedom.

Born in the United States and raised in Israel, Daniel was drafted when he was seventeen into the Israeli Defense Forces, where he served as a staff sergeant in the military police.

Living the American Dream

Three months before September 11th, Daniel moved to New York City, where he began his journey working in consumer sales before running a restaurant group where he oversaw forty to fifty employees. After moving on from the restaurant to spend some time as a sales representative for a moving company, Daniel’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to follow his dreams and start his own moving business. He co-founded Imperial Movers, which has grown to be one of the largest moving companies in the region. He has been proud to create thousands of jobs throughout the transportation industry and his other business investments.


Daniel has been involved with local religious organizations and several community groups helping to support veterans through his work with Samaritan Village and women through the Women in Need organization.

Personal Life

Daniel Norber is married with four children.

Norber family