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Main Goals

As a first generation American, self-made business owner, and community leader who has lived the American Dream, I understand service, sacrifice, and the importance of helping others.

I have seen the harm Albany’s policies have had on our quality of life and economy. I want to ensure everyone has the same opportunities I have had to build a career, raise a family, and achieve their own dreams.

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Main Goals

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Crime and Safety

Crime across this country, especially in New York, has risen over the last five years—with overdoses from illegal drugs inflicting incalculable harm throughout our district. Last year alone, more than 750 families on Long Island received a call that one of their loved ones died from an overdose with synthetic opioids coming from China and Mexico as the primary drivers of drug overdoses throughout our district, state, and country. This cannot continue.

Moreover, recent reforms such as cashless bail and discovery laws have made our state less safe, emboldening criminals by allowing them swift return to the streets and complicating the efforts of law enforcement to keep us safe.

As your assemblyman, I will work to add funding to our local community police and work to stop drugs from coming into our country before they reach our cities. Furthermore, I will also work with state and local governments to confiscate and get illegal guns off our streets. Additionally, I will advocate for sensible revisions to cashless bail and discovery laws to protect the rights of the accused while ensuring the safety and security of law-abiding citizens.


Every country has a right to protect its borders, so why do we allow the United States to be any different?

We cannot continue to allow millions of illegal aliens to skip our legal process and enter the United States, taking advantage of our asylum process, welfare system, and legal process. Our communities are buckling under the immense cost of open borders. As a member of State Assembly, I will work to reform our asylum process, protect our borders, and increase border security. I will work with local officials to protect our communities from tent cities like in the city.

As the son of immigrants, I don’t believe anyone should be allowed to skip the line and enter this country illegally.

Improving Life for the Middle Class

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We must focus on the affordability crisis and the high cost of living in the region. Taxes on Long Island are some of the highest in the nation, and the burden of inflation, supply chain shortages, and rising energy costs are only making life harder for working-class New Yorkers.

I will work with federal elected officials to take action to end the SALT tax deduction cap to relieve New Yorkers of their tax burden.

Small Business and the Economy

As a small business owner, I know that small businesses can serve as the engine that drives the American economy. The 33.2 million small businesses in this country employ nearly 60 million Americans.

We need to invest in training for skilled trades and technology jobs to develop that workforce further and equip them with the skills to fill the positions of the future.


Healthcare costs have skyrocketed, especially for small businesses and their employees. I see the impact firsthand when moving families who lost their homes and dreams due to catastrophic healthcare costs.

Americans need to expand affordability and accessibility when it comes to healthcare. We must also take a more holistic approach to battling epidemics in our society, including obesity, mental health, and substance abuse. We must also do more to combat fraud in the healthcare system. Every year, criminals commit more than $100 billion in Medicaid and Medicare fraud. Stopping fraud in the system would save the system from bankruptcy.


Social Security and Medicare are two of the most consequential and impactful social programs that raise the standard of living for our seniors when they finish their careers and prepare for retirement. It has helped lift millions out of poverty while at the same time significantly improving the health and quality of life for people over 65. Our seniors have worked hard to fund Social Security and Medicare, and we need to do our part by ensuring that our government protects and preserves these programs. We must work to strengthen these programs and oppose voucher schemes that would divert crucial resources.


A good education is one of the best investments we can make for the future of our country. Our teachers, schools, and families have been under tremendous strain in recent years. The COVID lockdowns are responsible for generational learning loss that American children will spend years trying to make up.

We must take a hands-on approach to fixing our education system. As an Assemblyman, I will support a federal voucher program for parents so parents can use tax dollars to send their children to any school they choose. I will also work to direct funding to trade schools as an option for young adults who don't want to go to college.


Our government must keep the promises made to the young men and women who have served this country in the military. Even though our veterans receive some of the best training that our military can offer, they experience many challenges post-service and lead the country to unemployment. I have been proud to employ many of our veterans as they transition to their post-service careers. I recognize that we must support them with education and employment opportunities while ensuring their healthcare needs are provided.


Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East, and as a unique strategic partner with the United States, we must maintain a strong relationship to ensure its security. While Israel should be able to defend itself as a sovereign nation, we must work with our partners to maintain peace in the region.